FILTER believes in making a difference by delivering effective products, solutions and services in the field of Energy and Water. With your intelligence and exuberance, you could make a tangible difference too.

Join our international multidisciplinary team and you will be valued and admired within a company that’s committed to doing the right things in the appropriate manner. Whether your background is engineering, science or business, achieve your career goals by playing a unique part in the future of our company.

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FILTER takes pride in owning experienced know-how as well as infrastructure (classrooms, laboratories, test-beds, etc.) all under one roof. Internships are an excellent way to develop practical skills even when one is at school. At the present moment, we are offering two programs.

- Summer Internship: It is well suited if one is looking to engage themselves during semester breaks. Our experts in heat & power and water treatment provide comprehensive trainings for getting a thorough understanding of real-world application of the concepts. Over time, one gets equipped to expertly take decisions in solving problems all by themselves.

- Project Internship: This is ideal if one is looking to develop their final school thesis. We will help you in guiding you without telling you exactly what to do. The primary objective for this program is to develop your independent thought process while dealing with engineering problems as well as staying true to the academic methodology.

Feel free to get in touch with us if this sounds interesting!