Turn-key solutions

FILTER partners with leading Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) from across the world in the field of Energy and Water Treatment. This fundamental approach enables us to employ the latest engineering technologies and updated knowhow in both planning and construction of effective localized solutions for you.

Our turn-key solutions include Combined Heat & Power Plants, Boilers & Steam Generators and Waste-to-Energy facilities. Each of these solutions can run on a wide array of fuels- Natural Gas, Biogas, Heavy & Light Oil, Shale Oil, Biomass and Gases released from Industrial Process.

Turn-key scope surrounds:
  • Feasibility study and Project planning (optimized solution is worked out by carefully selecting the components)
  • Transportation and Installation of equipment on-site
  • Commissioning of the entire Facility/Plant
  • Training program for operators of your facility
  • Regularized maintenance (an AMC takes care of all your real-time Service needs)

Our technical specialists bank on a wealth of practical experience with necessary authorizations and licenses for design, engineering, procurement and construction to comply with international standards thereby making FILTER a one-stop contractor for execution of your project. When planning projects, our primary emphasis lies in:

  • Reduction of overall life-cycle costs justifying the CAPEX and OPEX
  • Efficiency and Effectiveness of the Plant
  • A design that requires minimalized maintenance and easy access for quick fixes to reduce down-time
  • Lowering environmental impact by utilizing a sustainable framework

Combined Heat and Power Plants

Boiler solutions