The STAPS wireless steam trap monitor from Spirax Sarco has been designed for easy, non-intrusive installation with accurate wireless monitoring and reporting to help improve your steam system performance.

Monitoring your steam trap population with STAPS Wireless helps ensure the maximum level of condensate is recovered, and minimum amount of steam is lost.

Features and benefits:
• Reduces the need for on-going manual inspection, saving you time
and money
• Significantly faster commissioning than a wired alternative for lower
installation costs
• Clamp on design therefore no need to cut into the pipework.
• Rapid leak detection
• Non-intrusive therefore it’s easier to deploy almost anywhere.
• Extends monitoring to remote and hard to access areas of the plant such as
high level pipe racks
• Low maintenance solution, powered by long-life battery
• Low transmission signal strength ensures minimal risk of interference with
other systems
• Suitable for use across a wide range of applications, can be used with pressures of up to 46 bar g
and temperatures of up to 425°C*
• Uses universally accepted frequency of 2.4 GHz
• High accuracy algorithm created by Spirax Sarco that detects traps that are leaking or cold.

*for non-explosive environments only

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